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Yamato AGS Series Grading Scale - AGS-2015 250 lb

Operate at the speed of sound! The Yamato AGS can grade 3 times faster than conventional grading
Manufacturer: Yamato Scales
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An entire container of your product is placed on the AGS. Then as each single item is removed, the AGS audible tells the operator what that item's grade is according to your preprogrammed values. The operator places the first item in the appropriate sorting container and removes the next item from the AGS. Quick, easy and simple! More product graded in less time means more profit for you.

The AGS features two base sizes, multiple capacities, highly accurate 5000 divisions, five programmable product memories, up to ten grades, stainless steel construction and a washdown design to suit any manual grading application. If noise is a concern in your facility, the AGS also has an optional wireless headphone system so the operator, and only the operator, hears the AGS clearly. Our standard voices include 1 through 9 in English and Spanish, with room for two additional voice sets if these don't meet your needs.

  • Audible Grading
  • Wide Capacity Range, Two Base Sizes
  • 5 Product Memories with User Programmable Grades
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Initial, Automatic and Semiautomatic Zero Setting Mechanisms
  • Built-in Speaker with Volume Control
  • Full Numeric Keypad
  • Headphone Jack
  • Easy to Read LCD Display