Dynamometers measure the moment of force, also referred to as torque or power.  Industrial uses for dynamometers are numerous, and so are the dynamometer selections at Scalesonline. Pushing, pulling or turning force is measured with equipment from such reliable manufacturers of dynamometers like MIS, Dillon and Chatillon to name a few.  Have a lower price? We'll beat any competitor's price on a make and model of scale we represent. Search and shop for all of your industrial dynamometer scale needs with confidence and security with Scalesonline.

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Picture of Chatillon TD5 Series Dynamometers and Crane Scale

Chatillon TD5 Series Dynamometers and Crane Scale

The Chatillon TD5 crane scale delivers outstanding performance in your industrial application. This mechanical dynamometer features a 5-inch dial with high visibility markings
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
td5-00200k 200kg 2kg $944.63
td5-00200k-eh 200kg 2kg Eye Hook $984.53
td5-00200k-sh 200kg 2kg Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-00200k-ss 200kg 2kg Swivel Shackle $972.56
td5-00500 500lb 5lb $944.63
td5-00500-eh 500lb 5lb Eye Hook $984.53
td5-00500k 500kg 5kg $944.63
td5-00500k-eh 500kg 5kg Eye Hook $984.53
td5-00500k-sh 500kg 5kg Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-00500k-ss 500kg 5kg Swivel Shackle $972.56
td5-00500-sh 500lb 5lb Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-00500-ss 500lb 5lb Swivel Shackle $978.55
td5-01000 1000lb 10lb $944.63
td5-01000-eh 1000lb 10lb Eye Hook $984.53
td5-01000k 1000kg 10kg $944.63
td5-01000k-eh 1000kg 10kg Eye Hook $984.53
td5-01000k-sh 1000kg 10kg Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-01000k-ss 1000kg 10kg Swivel Shackle $972.56
td5-01000-sh 1000lb 10lb Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-01000-ss 1000lb 10lb Swivel Shackle $978.55
td5-02000 2000lb 20lb $944.63
td5-02000-eh 2000lb 20lb Eye Hook $984.53
td5-02000k 2000kg 20kg $944.63
td5-02000k-eh 2000kg 20kg Eye Hook $984.53
td5-02000k-sh 2000kg 20kg Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-02000k-ss 2000kg 20kg Swivel Shackle $972.56
td5-02000-sh 2000lb 20lb Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-02000-ss 2000lb 20lb Swivel Shackle $978.55
td5-05000 5000lb 50lb $944.63
td5-05000-eh 5000lb 50lb Eye Hook $978.23
td5-05000k 5000kg 50kg $1,058.35
td5-05000k-eh 5000kg 50kg Eye Hook $1,098.25
td5-05000k-sh 5000kg 50kg Swivel Hook $1,402.49
td5-05000k-ss 5000kg 50kg Swivel Shackle $1,110.22
td5-05000-sh 5000lb 50lb Swivel Hook $1,035.41
td5-05000-ss 5000lb 50lb Swivel Shackle $978.55
td5-10000 10000lb 100lb $1,058.35
td5-10000-eh 10000lb 100lb Eye Hook $1,098.25
td5-10000k 10000kg 100kg $1,058.35
td5-10000k-eh 10000kg 100kg Eye Hook $1,098.25
td5-10000k-sh 10000kg 100kg Swivel Hook $1,402.49
td5-10000k-ss 10000kg 100kg Swivel Shackle $1,110.22
td5-10000-sh 10000lb 100lb Swivel Hook $1,402.49
td5-10000-ss 10000lb 100lb Swivel Shackle $1,113.21
td5-20000 20000lb 200lb $1,058.35
td5-20000-eh 20000lb 200lb Eye Hook $1,098.25
td5-20000-sh 20000lb 200lb Swivel Hook $1,402.49
td5-20000-ss 20000lb 200lb Swivel Shackle $1,113.21
Picture of Dillon 10 in. AP Dynamometer

Dillon 10 in. AP Dynamometer

It has proven its value in such diverse jobs as mounting cables for bridges, adjusting tension on guy wires, field testing chain, rope, wire anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
30007-0026 1,000lb 5lb $1,062.08 add to cart for price
30007-0034 2,000lb 10lb $1,062.08 add to cart for price
30007-0059 5,000lb 20lb $1,111.16 add to cart for price
30007-0083 10,000lb 50lb $1,191.49 add to cart for price
30007-0109 20,000lb 100lb $1,298.59 add to cart for price
30007-0117 10,000kg 50kg $1,365.53 add to cart for price
30007-0125 2,000kg 10kg $1,146.86 add to cart for price
30007-0133 500kg 2kg $1,102.24 add to cart for price
30007-0158 1,000kg 5kg $1,102.24 add to cart for price
30007-0174 5,000kg 20kg $1,249.50 add to cart for price
30784-0017 30,000lb 200lb $3,525.38 add to cart for price
30784-0033 50,000lb 200lb $3,525.38 add to cart for price
30784-0058 20,000kg 100kg $3,694.95 add to cart for price
Picture of Dillon 5 in. AP Dynamometer

Dillon 5 in. AP Dynamometer

Dillon Dynamometer has proven to have limitless versatility as a tension, traction and weight measuring instrument. It has been used for any diverse jobs requiring precision force or tension measurement.
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
30006-0019 500lb 5lb $1,071.00 add to cart for price
30006-0027 1,000lb 10lb $861.26 add to cart for price
30006-0035 2,000lb 20lb $861.26 add to cart for price
30006-0043 4,000lb 25lb $932.66 add to cart for price
30006-0050 5,000lb 50lb $910.35 add to cart for price
30006-0076 8,000lb 50lb $1,021.91 add to cart for price
30006-0084 10,000lb 100lb $1,012.99 add to cart for price
30006-0092 15,000lb 100lb $1,164.71 add to cart for price
30006-0100 20,000lb 200lb $1,097.78
30006-0118 10,000kg 100kg $1,120.09
30006-0126 2,000kg 20kg $914.81
30006-0134 500kg 5kg $865.73
30006-0159 1,000kg 10kg $879.11
30006-0167 4,000kg 25kg $986.21
Picture of Dillon EDjunior Dynamometer

Dillon EDjunior Dynamometer

The EDjunior is an extremely well-built instrument that gets straight to the point - apply a load and take a reading. Simple design and easy operation, with the quality and performance.
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
36190-0046 5000lbf 5lbf $1,267.35
36190-0038 2500lbf 2lbf $1,200.41
36190-0053 10000lbf 10lbf $1,338.75
36190-0103 25000lbf 20lbf $1,945.65
Picture of Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer

Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer

The EDxtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon dynamometers. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium-grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety.
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
edx-10t-36169-0068-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 25000lbf 20lbf $3,471.83
edx-10t-36188-0065-with-two-shackles-backlight 25000lbf 20lbf $2,784.60
edx-1t-36169-0035-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 2500lbf 2lbf $2,324.96
edx-1t-36188-0032-with-two-shackles-backlight 2500lbf 2lbf $1,637.74
edx-20t-36169-0076-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 50000lbf 50lbf $4,163.51
edx-20t-36188-0073-with-two-shackles-backlight 50000lbf 50lbf $3,471.83
edx-2t-36169-0043-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 5000lbf 5lbf $2,521.31
edx-2t-36188-0040-with-two-shackles-backlight 5000lbf 5lbf $1,834.09
edx-5t-36169-0050-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 10000lbf 10lbf $2,873.85
edx-5t-36188-0057-with-two-shackles-backlight 10000lbf 10lbf $2,182.16
edx-50t-36169-0084-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 100,000lbf 100lbf $6,684.83
edx-100t-36169-0092-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 220,000lbf 200lbf $16,756.69
edx-150t-36169-0118-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 330,000lbf 200lbf $25,521.04
edx-250t-36169-0100-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 550,000lbf 500lbf $40,845.26
edx-75t-36169-0126-with-two-shackles-radio-ready-backlight 160,000lbf 100lbf $12,218.33
Picture of Intercomp TL6000 Tension Link Scale

Intercomp TL6000 Tension Link Scale

The Intercomp TL6000™ is a cost-effective yet technologically advanced solution for processing, monitoring and controlling overhead loads and is the industry standard, delivering unsurpassed accuracy from 500 lbs to 300 tons in a lightweight, compact design.
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
150000 500lb 0.5lb $1,025.00
150000-rf 500lb 0.5lb $1,435.00
150000-rfe 500lb 0.5lb $1,435.00
150001 1000lb 1lb $1,025.00
150001-rf 1000lb 1lb $1,435.00
150001-rfe 1000lb 1lb $1,435.00
150002 2000lb 2lb $1,025.00
150002-rf 2000lb 2lb $1,435.00
150002-rfe 2000lb 2lb $1,435.00
150003 5000lb 5lb $1,148.00
150003-rf 5000lb 5lb $1,558.00
150003-rfe 5000lb 5lb $1,558.00
150004 10,000lb 10lb $1,332.50
150004-rf 10,000lb 10lb $1,742.50
150004-rfe 10,000lb 10lb $1,742.50
150005 25,000lb 20lb $1,656.40
150005-rf 25,000lb 20lb $2,066.40
150005-rfe 25,000lb 20lb $2,066.40
150006 50,000lb 50lb $1,832.70
150006-rf 50,000lb 50lb $2,242.70
150006-rfe 50,000lb 50lb $2,242.70
150007 100,000lb 100lb $3,165.20
150007-rf 100,000lb 100lb $3,575.20
150007-rfe 100,000lb 100lb $3,575.20
150008 160,000lb 200lb $6,145.90
150008-rf 160,000lb 200lb $6,555.90
150008-rfe 160,000lb 200lb $6,555.90
150009 220,000lb 200lb $7,375.90
150009-rf 220,000lb 200lb $7,785.90
150009-rfe 220,000lb 200lb $7,785.90
150010 350,000lb 500lb $9,015.90
150010-rf 350,000lb 500lb $9,425.90
150010-rfe 350,000lb 500lb $9,425.90
150011 400,000lb 500lb $10,655.90
150011-rf 400,000lb 500lb $11,065.90
150011-rfe 400,000lb 500lb $11,065.90
150012 500,000lb 500lb $13,115.90
150012-rf 500,000lb 500lb $13,525.90
150012-rfe 500,000lb 500lb $13,525.90
Picture of MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Dynamometer

MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Dynamometer

MSI is proud to introduce MSI-7300 "Dyna-Link 2"; clearly industrys most advanced digital tension dynamometer. Developed around the proven design integrity of its predecessor MSI-7200, the new and improved MSI-7300 provides even more features and benefit
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
10000-lb-5000-kg 10,000lb 5lb $1,495.00
100000-lb-50000-kg 100,000lb 50lb $3,395.00
1000-lb-500-kg 1000lb 0.5lb $1,395.00
25000-lb-12500-kg 25,000lb 10lb $1,995.00
2500-lb-1250-kg 2500lb 1lb $1,395.00
50000-lb-25000-kg 50,000lb 20lb $2,595.00
5000-lb-2500-kg 5000lb 2lb $1,395.00