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AND MC Precision Comparator Balance - MC-1000

In addition to use as mass comparators, the MC Series serve as precision balances and excel in applications where minute weight changes have to be measured in the presence of heavy tare weights.
Manufacturer: A&D
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Product Features

  • Super Hybrid Sensor Technology
  • Manage ASTM & OIML Weights
  • Auto-centering Pan Options
  • RS-232C Standard
  • Auto Environmental Adjustment
  • Internal Calibration
  • Counting/Percentage/Comparator Modes
  • Bright VFD Display
  • GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliance
  • Underhook



A&D - MC-1000
Capacity 1100g
Readability 0.0001g
Other Units of Measure kg / g / oz / lb / lb-oz / ozt / ct / mm / dwt / GN 
Pan Size 5in x 4.9in
Net Weight 10lb
Standard Accessories  AC adpter, Intruction manual, Glass breeze break (MC-1000/6100) or Simple breeze break (MC)-10K/30K, In-use cover, WinCT (CD-ROM)