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CAS RW-P Wheel Weigher - RW-10P

Wheel Weigher and Optional Multi-Platform Indicator RW-2601P
Manufacturer: CAS
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The RW-P Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for portablility, yet is sturdy enough for any type of vehicle. Multiple configurations can be achieved with the RW-2601P Indicator. Ideal for mobile weight inspections.

  • Portable Wheel Weigher
  • Low Profile
  • Solid Rubber Ramps
  • Multi-Platform Indicator (RW-2601P) optional
    • Used with RW-P Platform
    • Connects up to 6 Platforms Simultaneously
    • Self-Contained Portable Unit
    • Built-In Charger
    • Built-In Dot Matrix Printer



CAS RW-P Wheel Weigher - RW-10P
Capacity 20,000lb
Readability 10lb
Interface Standard RS-232C & USB
Product Weight 71lb
Overall Size