For nearly forty years, A&D balances have been developed and expertly crafted to uphold the highest standards of precision and quality. A small operation that has grown into a massive multinational corporation providing quality scales to people around the world, this is a name trusted by thousand of people around the globe. You will get reliable, high performance scales when you put your faith in this remarkable brand.


Providing everything from electronic balances to digital scales and more, A&D has a great collection of products to help you find the right tool for any application. One of the primary benefits of choosing this brand is their focus on ease of use and quick results. Super fast response times are a standard of A&D, and they have many products that will help you get the measurements you need regardless of your work environment. To compact models built for easy portability and capable of being used without taking up much space to counting balances that will make pharmaceutical, retail, and food applications quicker and easier than ever, there are many products that will improve your quality of life.

A&D is also well known for its high precision balances that are capable of intense workloads. Industrial application balances can handle the toughest, largest jobs while still offering complete control and high accuracy. From platform to washdown to check weighing scales, there are many options to suit your needs. If you have need more specific data, analytical balances are available that provide precision up to the millionth of a gram, providing quality data to researchers around the world every day. With a focus on durability and reliability, you can be sure your scales will last for years of extended use, so you can take your mind off your equipment and focus on your work, stress-free!

If you need assistance narrowing down the large list of models carried by this amazing brand, feel free to contact our support. We can help you choose the perfect tool that will get you the measurements you need. We are dedicated to helping you save money on quality equipment, and if you find a better price on any balance we carry, we will beat it!
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AND TB:248 ac adapter

A&D TB:248 ac adapter

AND TB:662 AC Adapter

AND TB:662 AC Adapter for the following units: EJ, EK-i, EW-i, HC-i, HD, FG-K, HL-i, HL-WP, HT, HV-GL, HW-GL, SF, SG, SJ-HS, SK, SK-WP, AD-4328, AD-4406, AD-4329



AND AD-4329 Indicator

Digital Weighing Indicator (NTEP CofC #03-046) (Canada AM-5514)

AND AD-4405 Indicator

Digital Weighing Indicator (NTEP CofC#04-034) (Canada AM-5661)

AND AD-4406 Indicator

Digital Weighing Indicator (NTEP CofC#04-034) (Canada AM-5661)

AND AD-4407 Indicator

Digital Weighing Indicator (NTEP CofC#04-034) (Canada Pending)

AND AD-1192 Compact Printer

The AD-1192 is a compact, palm-sized dot-impact printer that provides users with essential functions.

AND AD-4328 Indicator

Batch Weighing Indicator (NTEP CofC#99-074) (Canada AM-5252)

AND AD-4401 Digital Weighing Indicator

The AD-4401 Indicator is highly recommended for batching, loss-in-weight, check weighing, or simple static weighing.

AND AD-4402 Batch Weighing Indicator

The AD-4402 indicator is designed for batching operations and can also be incorporated into systems using Field Bus such as CC-Link, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS.


USB Interface with cable (A to B, 5 ft.) (Uni-directional)

AND EJ-03C EJ Newton sereis RS-232 Interface

AND EJ Newton Series RS-232 Interface with cable (9 pin to 9 pin 6 ft.)

AND FS-D Indicator

The FS-D indicator is ideal for today’s food processing industry and busy production environments. The 0.5 second measurement time and bright three color lights mean quick weighing and error-free comparator judgments.