Bathroom Scale Buying Guide


Something that has become popular in almost every home is owning a bathroom scale. Many people enjoy checking their weight to ensure they’re living a healthy lifestyle, and this is the best way to do so. There have been many new technological developments that have made this product even more special. Our bathroom scale buying guide will go over the most important features and details to look for.


  • Digital- An easy to read screen will provide the weight with numbers that are easy to read. Typically includes more new, innovative features.
  • Mechanical- There will be a scale which has many numbers on it, and you will have to figure out the exact weight by locating where the arrow is pointing.
  • Floor/Flat- Sits on the ground, easy for anyone to step onto and weigh themselves. Saves space, and is available in many different styles.

Features to Look For

  • An Easy to Read Display- You will want to be able to clearly see your weight. The LCD display should be well lit, and easy for anyone to read from where they’re standing on the scale.
  • A Comfortable Platform- You will be more willing to check your weight more often if the platform feels great on your feet. It should be comfortable for absolutely anyone, and pain-free.
  • Health Tracking- Using Bluetooth, you can track your daily weight, BMI, and many other features, and have that information stored on your phone. Typically, this is done through an App, but this technology continues to evolve. For the more health conscious buyers, this is the way to go. Many newer scales are developing this technology or even ones where you can view your body fat percentage, BMI, and much more.

Why You Should Buy

  • Best way to track your health goals, especially for a diet.
  • Important to have for guests of fitness clubs, hotels, and even in your home.
  • Heavily used in many different locations, important for everyone to use.


Our bathroom scale buying guide goes over the most important details to look for, which will help you make the right decision. There are many different styles to consider, as well as newly designed models with new technology.