Bathroom Scales

One of the most common household items around the world is the scale. There are many different reasons to have the equipment on hand to measure any object in your home, but the number one thing people typically want to weigh is themselves. Having a high-quality bathroom scale is important, as it will let you get quick updates on your weight without any hassle. This will allow you to keep track of your health, as well as any progress on diets, exercise, and other changes to your body. As weight changes can be a big indicator of health changes, having a great scale that will accurately measure you is important, and with our lineup of bathroom scales, you can find the right fit for your needs in no time.

Buy bathroom scales online with high-quality options from top brands like Detecto and Seca, so you know you are getting reliability with every piece of equipment. Having a reliable machine is vital, as bathroom scales typically spend their time in areas that pose a lot of risks. From heavy foot traffic to running water to curious pets, there are many hazards that can threaten the typical scale. That is why these products have been chosen for their top quality materials, using steel, glass, and rubber to create incredibly durable equipment. These scales are water resistant and difficult to damage so that you can enjoy their use for years on end.

In addition to their durability, our equipment is also high performance. Choose between traditional bathroom scales and modern digital bathroom scales to find the right fit for you.  Mechanical scales work quickly and easily, without ever needing batteries. They have easy to read displays and work instantly, making them easy and intuitive to use. Digital scales provide a great deal of accuracy, ensuring you always have the right weight by giving you an easy to read measurement every time. They provide a great level of convenience that you will appreciate on a daily basis. Whatever option you decide to go with, you can rest assured that you are getting great precision and reliability so that you can take your mind off your equipment.
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Seca 703 Physician Digital Scale w/BMI

Extremely robust, precise and stable: With a capacity of 660 LB, a large but low platform and the integrated, automatic BMI function, this column scale has the prerequisites for the diagnosis and therapy of heavyweight patients.

Seca 755 mechanical column scale w/ BMI

The seca 755 is one of the first mechanical column scales which, in addition to displaying the weight, also displays the respective nutritional condition of the patient with the BMI function.

Seca 876 High Capacity Flat Scale

Scales intended for mobile use have to be lightweight. The compact Seca 876 weighs in at less than 4 kilograms.

Detecto 6449 Digital Physician Scale

The Detecto 6449 heavy-duty understructure of this digital eye-level scale incorporates a fabricated lever system that is enhanced by precision-ground, pressed-in knife edges which eliminate friction.

Detecto DR400-750 Digital Physician Scale

Detectos reliable DR400-750 digital physician scale is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for mobile clinics, home care nurses, or wherever a portable scale with Body Mass Index is needed.