Founded in 1761, Brecknell has continued to grow and develop groundbreaking solutions for the weighing industry. Today, they provide the biggest range of useful scales that your business could benefit from using. Whether it’s for personal use or your business, Brecknell scales will provide the accurate results that you depend on. Whether you need a hanging scale, floor scale, or anything else you have in mind, we’ve got you covered. We’re pleased to offer you our incredible selection which is full of many quality, but affordable scales.

If your business heavily relies on shipping, tracking inventory, and weighing products, we can improve your accuracy and process right away. Not only will we speed up your productivity with your measurements, but we can also increase the quality thanks to our precise, accurate measurements. All of our Brecknell scales are easy to set up and use. We offer the widest variety that includes floor scales, hanging scales, shipping scales, bench scales, counting scales, and much more.

Our scales have been proven to be extremely accurate because of our willingness to continually innovate over the years. Our new technology helps produce the accurate readings that you see after every single use. Each scale comes with a chargeable battery and AC adapter. With an easy to read LED display, you can read all measurements easily. Our function keys are suitable for anyone to operate, your employees will feel comfortable using any of our Brecknell scales. If your business can be affected by a small error in a measurement, you should only buy the highest quality scales. We are here to supply all of your needs, at the best value.

Brecknell scales has a long history of providing excellent, reliable scales that cover all types of business and personal needs. Give us a call and get yours today!

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Brecknell Indicator Stand - 56149-0012

200 Series stand w/ base plate, 48" H *STAND ONLY*

Brecknell Pan and Scoop Options for 235 Series

Stainless steel pan or galvanized scoop for 235 series hanging scales.

Brecknell SBI140 Indicator 52751-0556

The SBI 140 indicator is a very low cost, simple to operate weight indicator designed for use in a wide range of applications.