Since 1983, CAS has been a leading global manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales, they continue to expand their global footprint in many areas around the world. They have the best variety of quality solutions like weighing scales, floor scales, crane scales, washdown scales, indicators and much more. These solutions are ideal for several different business and retail locations. It could improve the accuracy of your measurements and help speed up productivity. We have tons of incredible choices that are available at the best prices, here in our selection of CAS scales.

Whether you need a price computing scale for your local deli or candy retail store, or a platform scale to weigh your business shipments correctly, we’ve got you covered. Any of our CAS scales have been developed over the years thanks to the passion to innovate and create new technology. These scales are made with stainless steel construction that provides the highest quality materials for weighing and keeping your scale clean. If your business needs to ship materials or software, we can provide industrial scales to help measure your shipments and materials with extreme precision.

We’ve got every scale you can think of that any business or retail location would need. All of our CAS scales are easy to install, use, and will increase the accuracy of your measurements. We understand how important it is to get some of these measurements exactly right, if something is even slightly off, it could affect the quality of your product. We have many affordable options that could really make sense for your business. Browse through our selection and see for yourself.

Here at Scales Online, our goal is to provide all kinds of businesses the weighing and measurement solutions they need to operate successfully. We are committed to serving the needs of our loyal customers. We will find exactly what you’re looking for while saving you money on your purchase. If you have any questions we can help you with, please contact us.

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CAS R400 Series Indicators - R423-10-PM

NTEP Legal for Trade Scale Indicators

CAS R400 Series Indicators - R423-10-SE

NTEP Legal for Trade Scale Indicators

CAS SW-RS POS Interface Scale - SW-RS-10LB

NTEP Legal for Trade POS Interface Scale

CAS SW-RS POS Interface Scale - SW-RS-20LB

NTEP Legal for Trade POS Interface Scale

CAS X320 Washable Indicator - CAS X320

NTEP Legal for Trade Washable Scale Indicator

CAS X320 Washable Indicator - CAS X320B

NTEP Legal for Trade Washable Scale Indicator Battery Operated with wall/desk mount