The communicator is known for remotely viewing and controlling multiple sensor inputs simultaneously. We have several different communicators that vary in unique features, functions, and much more from several different brands. Whether you’re looking for a radio styled one, or a high tech cell scale, we can provide what your business needs. Check out all of our options from top brands like MSI and Dillon!

Our cell scale communicators are the newest wireless innovation to hit the market. They’re known for providing real-time communications to your information systems through a secure wireless network. They feature enhanced data acquisition, sophisticated data logging, programmable signal processing, and a complete display that can easily be monitored by your employees. If your business relies on scales for weighing or process control, this will help you stay on track of productivity and inventory levels. Weight and product information will be communicated effectively, and if there is ever an issue, you will be able to see it and provide solutions. You can also use a radio communicator which sends information to the computer from a communicator using a serial cable. You can easily view and control all the instruments you need to keep your business running the way it should.

Communicators are widely used in many industrial applications, and any business that is constantly weighing or processing materials. If your business relies on getting materials precisely weighed and processed, this is something you should invest in. You will be able to recognize errors quicker than ever before, so you will improve quality and production in your workspace. Providing the essential tools your employees need to succeed is also important, and this is certainly something they could benefit from.

Our communicators can easily connect to printers, computers, and much more depending on their functionality. Based off your specific needs, we can help you find one that works perfectly for you. They will provide the feedback you need without prioritizing all your time on one aspect of your business. Shop from our selection and find a high-quality product, at a great price!

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MSI-8000 RF Remote Display with MSI-7300 RF Modem install

MSI-8000 “RF Remote Display,” a handheld, wireless remote control for use with our Dyna-Link 2 Series Dynamometers.

MSI-9000 Cell Scale

The MSI-9000 CellScale provides an efficient means to monitor and control multiple sensor inputs and outputs simultaneously with real-time communications to your information systems via a secure wireless network.

MSI-9020 Cell Scale RF Cell Modem

The MSI-9020 CellModem is an accessory of the CellScale and wireless weighing systems. The CellModem provides a wireless interface from a CellScale to any serial device.