NTEP/Legal For Trade Scales

For the highest level of quality and performance, browse our selection of NTEP scales. These "legal-for-Trade" scales have been tested for specific capabilities and meet certifications that ensure you will know you are getting a quality precision weighing balance and scale. This equipment has undergone independent testing to verify the unit meets the manufacturer's specifications. The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) performs evaluations of weighing and measuring devices for compliance with NIST Handbook 44. Many States require an NTEP Certificate of Conformance for a device to be installed in a commercial application or environment. In a non-NTEP State, for example, a device may not need an NTEP Certificate of Conformance to be used in a commercial application; it may simply be required to meet Handbook 44 requirements and comply with any additional State weights and measures requirements set for that location.

We have a wide selection of NTEP scales that will help you meet your needs with ease. Even if you do not plan on using one of these scales for commercial applications, choosing NTEP will provide many benefits. Most notably, these options have been tested and approved by third party sources, ensuring they are of the highest quality and are very accurate and precise. You know you are getting equipment that you can rely on. Also, they are tested under rigorous conditions, ensuring they are durable and consistent so that they will stay accurate for years.

When it comes to high-quality legal for trade scales, you will not find a better place to shop. We have everything from washdown scales to platform scales, bench scales, crane scales, printing scales, and more. Whatever application you need quick, precise measurements for, you are certain to find the perfect tool for the job with us. We have hand selected the best equipment from top brands like Intercomp, Ohaus, A&D, Chatillon, and more, so you can always get the best match for your needs.

Click on each product image to get more detailed information to help narrow down your choice. If you still have questions or need help with your order, feel free to contact us. We will make sure you get the right tool for your application, so you can get the precise measurements you need to get the job done.
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