Mass Comparators

For any business or industry using scales or balances, accuracy is of the utmost importance. For those individuals completing measurements in accordance with legal metrology requirements, accuracy is even more crucial. One of the most reliable pieces of equipment to meet these needs is a mass comparator. This piece of essential equipment for many settings offers coherent measurements of mass for weight verification purposes. With high-quality comparators constructed with excellence in mind, you can rest assured your results are right every time.

We offer a range of options for mass comparators from the top brand in this type of scale, AND. Every mass comparator in our inventory features precision technology to ensure an accurate measurement despite even the most minute of variations on the subject. With advanced technology for an accurate reading and easy-to-use interfaces with a large screen, these mass comparators offer exceptional performance for those with no room for errors. They feature durable construction, such as shatter-resistant glass, and offer helpful internal calibration, as well as settings to compare percentages in addition to figures. Whether looking for a comparator scale with a convenient top loader or just the balance comparator by itself, we have high-quality products aimed at saving you both money and peace of mind. With their superior performance and affordability, these scales and balances would make a reliable addition to any setting requiring accurate measurements. Many models are offered with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure satisfaction with the purchase for a long-lasting solution to your scale needs.

Our commitment to affordability is unbeatable. We offer competitors price matching on our expansive inventory to ensure you always get the best deal available for your scale needs. Whether looking for scales for use in medical offices, professional settings, or academic laboratories, we offer the widest selection of the best brands in the industry. Our skilled and friendly customer service department would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in any way during your shopping experience with us. Call or order online with our secure, easy-to-use ordering system today!

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AND MC Precision Comparator Balance - MC-6100

In addition to use as mass comparators, the MC Series serve as precision balances and excel in applications where minute weight changes have to be measured in the presence of heavy tare weights.