Medical & Physician Scales

With our selection of medical and physician scales for sale, stocking your office practice with all the scales you need has never been easier. We have a great variety of scales to help you meet the needs of any patient that walks through your doors. It’s important to make them as comfortable as possible, at all times. We can provide the necessary solutions you need to achieve that. Our medical scales for sale are easy to set up and use right away. We guarantee that you will get the accurate results you need to give proper recommendations to your patients.

Here at Scales Online, we only offer brands that we have the utmost trust in. We wouldn’t offer our customers low-quality brands that we don’t believe in. That’s why we offer spectacular choices from top brands like Detecto, Healthometer, Adam Equipment, Seca, and much more. We are happy to offer you the biggest brand names, at the lowest prices. Our medical scales for sale will provide quick, accurate results so you can get through each patient efficiently and effectively. You will be able to see more patients in a given day while still providing accurate results. Whatever unit of measurement your practice uses, our physician scales for sale can provide it. We have a wide variety of scales that will meet the needs of several types of patients. Whether that’s a wheelchair scale, chair scale, bariatric scale, and many others. Give us a call and let us know what you’re specifically looking to put in your workplace, and we will provide it.

Our friendly staff is always willing to help you in any way we can. Whether you need a recommendation on a product or help locating something you have in mind, we can answer your questions. We’re always here to help, simply email us, or give us a call at your convenience.

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Seca 212 Measuring Tape

With this measuring tape of non-stretch Teflon synthetic material one can measure the head circumference.

Seca 334 Digital baby scale w/ handle

The seca 334 stands for the greatest safety and reliability when weighing babies. Although its weighing tray is designed to be far more generous & comfortable than other models, at only 3 kg it requires amazingly little space.

Seca 354 Digital Baby Scale

With their dual function, these baby scales are a small sensation: at the touch of a button, the tray can be detached quickly and easily from the base leaving you with a robust floor scale for children weighing up to 44 lbs.

Seca 374 Digital Baby Scale with Large Platform

Seca digital baby scale with large platform

Seca 644 electronic scale w/ standing assistance

The seca 644 is Equipped with a high capacity and a stable design, this multifunctional scale enables supported weighing while standing.

Seca 674 electronic platform scale w/ high capacity

The seca model 674 is an electronic platform scale with high capacity, can be transported on casters.

Seca 676 wheelchair scale with handrail

Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its generously sized platform and the robust railing, the seca 676 is ideal for diverse uses.

Seca 684 Multifunctional scale

Safe weighing while standing, sitting or in a wheelchair – without having to be converted: when standing the patient is supported by a stable hand rail, when sitting by an integrated folding seat and in a wheelchair by a large platform (80 x 85 cm).

Seca 727 Electronic baby scale

The special damping of this baby scale together with the HOLD function enables fast and precise measurement, even with restless babies.

Seca 876 High Capacity Flat Scale

Scales intended for mobile use have to be lightweight. The compact Seca 876 weighs in at less than 4 kilograms.

Seca 952 Mobile Chair Scale

The Seca 952 fulfills all basic medical standards.

Seca 954 Digital chair scale

Gentleness many times over: With this Seca 954 chair scale, every function emphasizes the plus in consideration and convenience.

Detecto 243 Infant Scale

This sturdy, compact scale incorporates springless balance beam construction. The white metal tray holds infants comfortably. Your choice of metric or standard weighing.

Detecto 253 Mechanical Baby Scale

This beam style scale features sturdy, compact construction with an easy-to-read balance beam and white metal tray. Your choice of pounds or kilograms. Perfect for hospitals, pediatricians offices, clinics, or the home nursery.

Detecto 338 Dual Reading Physician Scale

Detectos model 338 features a height rod in inches and centimeters, and wheels in back for easy transport.

Detecto 349 Dual Reading Physician Scale

Detectos model 349 features a height rod in inches and centimeters and a handpost, which is an important aid for the elderly or weak individuals.

Detecto 448 Eye-Level Physician Scale

Detecto 448 features a height rod in inches and centimeters, wheels in back for easy transport, and a handpost, which is an important aid for the elderly or weak individuals.

Detecto 449 Eye-Level Physician Scale

The Detecto 449 features a height rod in inches and centimeters and a handpost, which is an important aid for the elderly or weak individuals.

Detecto 450 Mechanical Baby Scale

Easy-to-clean polystyrene trays cradle babies securely on these dependable, portable scales. Weighs in pounds, kilograms, or both. Features a heavy-duty, rust-resistant understructure and dual-reading, die-cast beams.

Detecto 459-CH Mechanical Baby Scale with Dual Reading Beam

Infants readily accept the inclined seating of Detectos mechanical tot weigher scales. Features a removable soft foam seat that, pound and kilogram readings, and heavy-duty base and understructure.

Detecto 485 Wheelchair Scale

Detectos sturdy design incorporates a standard eye-level physician scale with a detachable ramp, allowing for easy movement on and off the platform.

Detecto 495 Mechanical Stationary Wheelchair Scale

The model 495 stationary mechanical beam scales provide the economical answer to the weighing of patients in wheelchairs. Its quality is inherited from Detectos physician scale and incorporates an easy to read precision die cast weigh beam.

Detecto 6475 Digital Chair Scale

The 6475 and 6475K digital chair scales feature waist-high LCD readouts allowing rapid weighing with accuracy to .2 lb or .1 kg. Battery power enhances these electronic scales portability.

Detecto 6495 Digital Stationary Scale

With the model 6495 digital wheelchair scale, you get speed and increased accuracy that only electronic weighing can provide. The weight display is mounted on a tilt mount which permits the indicator to be angled for easy viewing.

Detecto 6500 Portable Bariatric Wheelchair Scale

With built-in ramps for entering and exiting the scale, Detectos 6500 portable bariatric scale is perfect for any wheelchair application.

Detecto 6550 Folding Portable Wheelchair Scale

This sturdy, but lightweight, scale offers a wide range of versatility. It can be used with wheelchairs, straight-legged chairs or as a stand-on scale, and its sloped ramps offer versatility by allowing loading from either side.

Detecto 6745 Digital Baby Scale With 4-Sided Tray

Detectos model 6745 can weigh even the most active baby. The 6745 features lock-in weight ability, a locking pin for easily removing the tray for cleaning, and sleep and auto shutoff modes to extend battery life.

Detecto 6800 Portable Bariatric Scale

With a built-in carrying handle, Detectos model 6800 scale is easy to transport from office to office when required. Utilizing Detecto’s model 750 weight display and a universal bracket, the indicator may be mounted on a wall or desk for easy viewing.

Detecto 6856 Waist High Stand On Scale

The 6856 is engineered specifically for weighing obese and unsteady patients and features a 24" (610mm) square, low-profile platform with non-skid surface and sturdy handrails with padded grips.

Detecto 6868 Bariatric Flip Seat Scale

The 6868s unique flip seat adds comfort to the weighing of obese patients and those requiring special assistance.