Chatillon Century Series Hanging Dial Scale - 0720-T

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Century scales feature a steel inner frame and tough, corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing. H44 Class III "Legal For Trade" models are sealed for local jurisdiction for point of sale use.

The CHATILLON® Century Series hanging scale are world-renowned for their accuracy, dependability and reliability. The Century Series feature a glasscovered 7-inch dial that reads clockwise. A double dial option is available (one dial reads clockwise, the other counter clockwise). These scales feature a corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing and have a rugged, steel inner frame. Scale capacities are reached in two pointer revolutions.

Century Series can be supplied with a CG Series scoop or the popular CAS circular pan. The CAS Pan is constructed of stainless steel. 3-inch deep round pan has drain holes. The CG Scoop is ideal for weighing loose materials and foodstuffs. Scoop and suspension chain of galvanized construction. Scale heads, without attachments, are supplied with a 1-1/2 lb start.


Chatillon Century Series Hanging Dial Scale - 0720-T
Capacity 20lb
Readability 1/2oz
Dial Single
7 inch glass covered
Construction Corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing and have a rugged, steel inner frame
Attachment None

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