Chatillon MD-60 Milk Scale

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The MD Series scale features a large, 8-inch dial with twin pointers. One pointer may be locked to indicate the net tare weight. The other pointer is used to indicate the gross weight.

The CHATILLON® MD60 Series hanging milk scale is designed expressly for dairy applications. This dairy scale is constructed of heavy gauge japanned steel with large, easy-to-read 8-inch dial. Dials have large, bold black numbers and graduations. The MD-60 hanging milk scale has two pointers-one pointer can be locked to indicate net tare weight; the other pointer indicates gross weight. Scale capacity is achieved in 3 pointer revolutions. Scale capacity is 60 lbs. Measurements are in 1/10 lb increments. Scales feature a convenient zero adjustment screw. Scale is factory calibrated using certified NIST weights. Scale comes with top loop and bottom hook. Loop and hook are plated.

  • Large, Easy-to-Read Dial
  • 8-inch High Contrast Dial
  • Twin Pointers for Net and Gross Weight
  • Full Capacity in 3 Revolutions
  • Plated Top Loop and Bottom Hook
  • 1 Year Warranty


Chatillon MD-60 Milk Scale
Capacity 60lb
Readability 0.1lb
Dial 8in dial, single head
Includes top loop and bottom hook



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