Lloyd NEXYGEN MT and ONDIO Software - 40/0658 NEXYGEN MT

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NEXYGEN™ MT Materials Test and Data Analysis Software and
Ondio™ Application Builder Software

NEXYGEN™ MT software is a powerful yet easy to use materials test and data analysis software package. The software provides a library of common pre-configured test set-ups complying with international testing standards. Set-ups are easy and users can configure a test using a menu-driven approach that guides them in a logical, intuitive, step-by-step manner. NEXYGEN MT software provides extensive features including advanced security and audit trail capabilities, video capture and playback, seamless integration with common Microsoft® Office products etc. The software can also be used with the Batch Tester to create a semi-automatic or fully automatic testing system.

NEXYGEN™ MT features seamless OLE2 integration with Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Access™, Outlook® and many other packages so you can create detailed and comprehensive reports using common and familiar packages.

For advanced statistical analysis. NEXYGEN MT provides a Statistical Process Control feature which supplies Xbar/range and histogram functions to highlight possible areas within a process.

NEXYGEN MT incorporates common navigational and operational features such as "drag and drop" cut, copy and paste, pull down menus, combo boxes, intelligent prompts, help functions, etc.

ONDIO™ Application Builder Software ONDIO™ Application Builder Software allows custom testing and for standard NEXYGEN™ software set-ups to be modified. ONDIO™ software is based upon the VB Script programming language.

NEXYGEN MT software packages have been designed to offer solutions for most common force measurement and materials testing applications. However, when users need to perform custom tests or simply want to modify their NEXYGEN software test set-up to perform additional functions not part of the standard test set-up, Lloyd Instruments offers the ONDIO Application Builder Software.

ONDIO™ software is based on VB Script programming language. It presents detailed attributes of the NEXYGEN™ MT package providing configurable parameters in three steps: Test Parameters, Primary Script and Secondary Script:

Step 1 - Establishing Your Test Parameters ONDIO software allows you to define specific parameters such as: machine direction, preload, area, break, auto zero/return, etc.

Step 2 - Primary Script (Define how your machine operates at start up and at the end of the test) The primary script is used to define how the software will operate at the start and end of the test. It will determine how the machine moves, when readings are taken and what results are presented using simple scripting commands.

Step 3 - Secondary Script (What to do with your results)

The secondary script defines how your results will be used. It can be used to post "markers" at specific points on your trace to denote key characterisitics, or you can program the software to react at the break point of a sample; i.e. to measure the extension at break

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