MSI-8000 RF Remote Display with MSI-7300 RF Modem install

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MSI-8000 “RF Remote Display,” a handheld, wireless remote control for use with our Dyna-Link 2 Series Dynamometers.

The MSI-8000 provides reliable, full-function remote control of all Dyna-Link 2 features at distances up to 100 ft. (30m), in most cases beyond. The battery powered display is an ergonomic, handheld design, with heavy-duty shock resistance rated at IP65. It features a large 1.22 inch (31mm) five-digit LCD and a user-friendly keypad with push-button control for Power, Zero, Tare and Print. Two programmable function keys are also included to control Total, Peak Hold, High Resolution and Test. LCD annunciators provide application feedback indicating Battery charge status, COZ, Peak, Total, Units and other status indications.

MSI-8000 is equipped with standard serial RS-232 data output, letting users connect to printers, computers and scoreboards for improved traceability and reporting needs. Optimum digital processing and low power consumption provide accurate and continuous operation up to 24 hours from an integrated rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Internal battery and quick-charge battery charger are included.


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