MSI-9300 Hi-Torque Porta-Weigh Plus Cell Scale RF Digital Crane Scale - 30,000 lb/ 15,000 kg

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The MSI-9300HT Porta-Weigh Plus RF Digital Crane Scale provides an ideal solution for overhead weighing applications involving fixed hooks and/or powered rotation of the lifted material.

The MSI-9300HT Porta-Weigh Plus, Hi-Torque RF Digital Crane Scale provides an ideal solution for overhead weighing applications where powered rotation of the lifted material is required. The Hi-Torque load train of the MSI-9300HT features a new load cell design that withstands the induced torque associated with power assisted rotating loads. With options available for both top and bottom attachments, the MSI-9300HT can easily integrate with new or existing powered rotators to provide safe material handling and increased operational efficiency.

Like the standard MSI-9300, the new Hi-Torque version merges CellScale technology with MSI's superior crane scale architecture to provide an advanced wireless data-gathering network suitable for process control, safety monitoring and weight related data collection. RF transmission of real time weight and product information can be networked and communicated to CellScale family indicators and modems.

The MSI-9300HT is available in four standard capacities up to 35 tons. A host of standard features and options are available, including anti-heat shielding for high temperature applications, direct AC or DC power input, audible alarm and an RF remote controller.



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