Ohaus Dial-o-gram Mechanical Balance - 1610-00

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Favorites in classrooms and industries worldwide these balances offer convenience and durability for all your weighing needs.

The Ohaus Dial-O-Gram Balance (1610-00) is well-equipped to handle the job whether it's weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals. The Dial-O-Gram balance provides the convenience of a top loading balance with the durability and versatility to accommodate a range of lab applications. All models have a tare beam to allow containers up to 225g to be balanced out. The Dial-O-Gram balance combines the versatility of even arm balance and the speed and convenience of dial reading up to 100g.

  1. Dial operation for speed and convenience Tare capacity for fast repetitive weighings
  1. Notched and tiered beams with center reading
  1. A removable Stainless Steel pan
  1. Spring loaded zero adjust compensator
  1. 5 Year Warranty



Ohaus - 1610-00
Capacity 610g
Readability 0.1g
Pan Size 152mm x 19mm / 6" x 0.8"
Additional tare capacity 225g
Dial calibration 10g x 0.1g
Front beam calibration 500g x 100g
Rear beam calibration 100g x 10g
Platform construction Stainless steel pan (removable)
Net Weight 7 lbs / 3.2 kg

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