Seca 416 Baby Board - Centimeters 4161721009

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The completely novel shape of the Seca 416 infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old.

The sturdy construction and stability of the infantometer make it quick and easy to measure babies and toddlers up to two years old. The weighing scale board is generously designed and the raised and softly rounded sides guide the baby easily and safely into the right position. Permanently mounted with rollers on two guide rails, the foot piece slides smoothly along the scale. Because the foot piece is lockable, the baby can be removed and the result noted later. All parts are tough and durable.

  • Measuring range: 13 - 39 inch / 33 - 100 cm
  • Graduation Length: 1/16 inch / 1 mm
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs / 3.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 43.4 x 6.7 x 15.8 inch / 1,103 x 169 x 402 mm
  • Directive: MP

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