Here at Scalesonline, we are proud to provide professionally made, high quality scales to people around the nation. Being able to accurately and precisely weigh anything is very important to thousands of businesses and millions of people, and we know nothing is more important than performance and reliability. That is why we are proud to provide a selection of floor scales made with American quality and design. Look through our collection of options and find a scale that will help you weigh any size load quickly and easily, so you can get work done quickly and efficiently.

These scales are fantastic options for anyone in need of a large platform for weighing. Floor scales are very low profile, being only a few inches tall. With a lightweight design that brings them to 100 pounds or less, they are easy to move around and place wherever you need them. Being on the floor ensures they are easy to load so that you can place large, heavy objects on your scales with less effort and hassle. This makes them perfect for everything from shipping to manufacturing to food processing and more. With several square feet of floor space, you will always have plenty of room to handle whatever comes your way!

There are many features that make our products easier to use and more reliable than the competition. Scalesonline floor scales are made by professional USA based manufacturers and use the highest quality materials and design. They are capable of handling a great range of temperatures from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, with auto-zeroing and pounds/kilograms conversion for your convenience. Their smooth top surface is easy to clean and maintain, and they are sure to last for years on end. Every model is pre-calibrated and ready to go, so you can get to weighing the second yours arrives with no hassle. Installation is as easy as finding a place to put it! Get the powerful weighing you need to carefully control everything in your day to day business at an affordable price with a large selection of Scalesonline floor scales.
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Scalesonline Industrial Floor Scale SOL-FS44

The Scalesonline Industrial Floor Scale Excellent for shipping, receiving, and general weighing applications

Scalesonline SOL-FS44 Diamond Safety-Plate Ramp

4 x 3 Ramp accessory for SOL-FS44, Excellent for shipping, receiving, and general weighing applications.

Scalesonline SOL-WH44 RAMP

4 x 3 Ramp accessory for SOL-WH44 4 x 4 floor scale, Excellent for shipping, receiving, and general weighing applications.

SOL-WH44 4 x 4 5000 lb Floor Scale - SOL-WH44 Tuscan Red

SOL-WH44 4' x 4' Tuscan Red floor scale from Scalesonline, 5000lb x 1lb basic floor scale with indicator for all your basic weighing needs.