Anti-Vibration Tables

Fill out your lab with a quality anti-vibration scale table or indicator stand and see the difference it can make in no time. Having the best equipment for the job will ensure you save time and get better results every day. You will be able to accomplish any task with less hassle and more accuracy, allowing you to make the most of your time and effort. With our great selection of options, you can find the right tool for the job in no time.

Anti-vibration scale tables from top manufacturers such as Adam Equipment are a must have for any serious laboratory. Providing a stable surface that reduces the effect of outside influences, from vibrations to shock and more, they will ensure you get accurate results from any measurement. With exceptional durability, the granite surface will ensure your workspace is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and other hazards, so it will continue to perform for years. Best of all, an ergonomic design focus ensures it will fit into any space, with easily adjustable feet to accommodate for uneven surfaces.

In a similar fashion, indicator stands are a great tool for anyone that needs more control in their workspace. Attach to a precision indicator and get accurate, quick measurements with the reliable strength to match. Designed to be quickly and easily adjustable so that they are simple to use as possible, you will be able to get the job done under any circumstances, even one handed! Our high-quality stands are designed with durability and reliability in mind, with tough construction that ensures they will stand up to years of use and continue to perform.

When you need extra functionality for your lab, choosing from our top of the line anti-vibration tables and indicator stands will get you the power you need with ease. We are proud to provide the highest quality equipment on the market to labs around the nation, helping them accomplish their goals faster and easier every day. Let us help you find the right equipment for the job!

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Adam Equipment Anti-Vibration Table - 104008036

The Adam Equipment Anti-Vibration Table is designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room.

Brecknell Indicator Stand - 56149-0012

200 Series stand w/ base plate, 48" H *STAND ONLY*