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One of the leading manufacturers of weights, balances, and scales in North America, US Balance scales are among the highest quality, most reliable machines available. With years of experience in innovation and design, US Balance scales have a wide range of options suitable for many different applications, so you can find the perfect equipment to handle whatever job comes your way. Whether you are a high volume business, school, or home user, these weight balance scales will provide an affordable, efficient, and easy to use method for getting the information you need quickly.

Perhaps the most remarkable addition to our collection of products by this manufacturer is pocket scales. These machines offer the same instant and easy measuring you require in any situation, but are incredibly portable and can be taken anywhere you need them. US Balance scales are designed to fit in your pocket, so you can take them wherever you go with zero hassle. Scales come in sizes such as 4.25 x 2.75 x 0.7 inches, with weights as low as a single pound. They still provide plenty of platform space so you can weigh a variety of objects while being so lightweight and portable that they are always easy to carry and use without causing fatigue.

Having highly portable and easy to use scales does not come at the cost of quality or reliability. Each of our US Balance scales is fully digital, providing incredible accuracy and precision that you would expect from larger machines. Enjoy various features including measuring in a variety of units, from grams to ounces to carats to grains and more, with precision down to 0.1g. Large displays make reading the information you want easy, with a stainless steel platform that makes keeping your scale clean effortless. Each product is certified to last for years on end, so you can get an affordable scale that you can rely on every day.

If you need weights to calibrate or test your scale, we have many weights specifically designed to work with these balances. Check out our great selection of options and get everything you need to have the high-quality scale you want. We can help you find the perfect product for you in no time!
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US Balance - Orbit

US Balance - Orbit