Hanging scales are still used today in many different applications. Whether it’s at schools, retail locations, food kitchens, jewelry, and much more. In order to get your measurements correct, you will need a wide variety of metric weights for scales. Our choices are known for being accurate, and lasting a lifetime.

Our selection also includes calibration weights for sale that are used to measure the mass of an object using a balance or scale. We have several different choices in our selection. Our products will work well in any working environment, and last for a very long time. They come from reputable brands like Ohaus and US Balance. Weighing applications are used in a wide variety of businesses, schools, labs, and much more. That is why we stress the importance of buying from a brand name that you know and trust.

Metric weights for scales are used in many different activities for the fields of engineering, robotics, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and aeronautics. Our choices are made with cast iron construction that provides incredible durability. No matter how you’re using metric weights for scales, you need something that is strong, and that you can trust. If your business relies on precise measurements to ensure high-quality standards are met, this is something you want to invest in. There is a reason why they are used in so many different fields of study, industries, and so much more.

We encourage you to look into all of our options and find the one that best meets your needs. There are so many different applications and methods when it comes to weighing items. Depending on how you do it, we can find the best metric weight for you. Here, you will find the best products, for the lowest prices!

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Ohaus 707-00 80780108 Metric Attachment Mass Set

Hanging metric weights used to extend scale capacity of Ohaus 750-S0 and 750-SW metric triple-beam balances (not included). Cast iron construction has durability and long life. The set of three attachment weights includes two 1,000g weights and one 500g weight.

US Balance 100g weight

US Balance 100g Calibration weight.